I had not been able to exercise regularly for 8 months, due to back and knee pain, when I began using moringa. Treatments I tried were chiropractic, Physical Therapy, short walks, and exercise classes. While I felt better doing these things, and gradually increasing my level of effort, I still didn’t have my old gusto for life. For ten days, I took Moringa on yogurt every morning. I began to try water workouts, at first once a day, then up to three times a day. After ten days, I felt stronger and encouraged to go to my gym once again. Since then, I have continued to use Moringa in my morning smoothie, or in a capsule, every day. My strength has improved dramatically, and I am enjoying my body again. Two months later, I still have some knee and occasional back pain, but it is completely manageable now, and doesn’t prevent me from doing what I want to do. Its easy to take, and gives a lovely green color to a smoothie, while it doesn’t dominate the taste. Capsules are easy to swallow. No noticeable side effects at all.

Carol Herndon

Retired Attorney, 70, USA

I would like to tell you about my family’s experience with Moringa. My grandfather, after whom I was named, had a car accident a few years ago which led to his going under four consecutive brain surgeries to remove blood clots that kept forming after each surgery. Little by little, he stopped walking and had to start using a wheelchair. Following conversations and articulating words became harder and harder, until he was so bad that this year (2016) he became unable to swallow solid food, choked with liquids and lost around 35 pounds. Very concerned about all this and seeing that we were losing him, we took him to internists, several neurologists, physiotherapists, among other, told us that he had a few months, at the very best a year, to live. By the beginning of June this year, we decided to try this plant (Moringa Oleifera) that we had heard has medicinal and nutritional benefits that help detox and nourish the body, directly regenerate neurons and control diabetes – which was another health issue my grandpa was struggling with.

After the first week that he was taking Moringa, he no longer choked with fluids and his speech was better, easier to understand. By the third and fourth weeks, we noticed such improvement that we could almost not believe it: he was swallowing both fluids and solids completely normally, his speech was absolutely clear, had regained 25 of the lost 35 pounds. But what impressed me the most was when he stood from his chair all by himself and decide to walk to my aunt’s house (about 200 meters), and so he did. When we took him to the doctors they were very glad to see his progress, but had no logical explanation for it and say that it is a miracle. I think it is a miracle that God put in our way this plant with such medicinal and nutritional benefits, already known to natural medicine and described by many experts. This is my humble experience and I hope that it helps all those who seek to better their health, as we should not wait until until our health is deteriorated to do something as easy and simple as take Moringa.”

Marco Tejeira,

Panama City, Panama

Been using the morninga powder for a month and an ugly growth on my leg suddenly dried up and “fell off”! I did nothing else, no change in diet or medications, so it must be the Moringa.


I have been taking powdered Moringa twice/day for one year and my hair color is returning!


Las Tablas

I am an artist and retired PR executive in my mid-60’s and live in northern California’s wine country. I am very healthy, don’t take anything but the occasional aspirin and am skeptical of miracle cures. But just for fun I tried Moringa regularly. Within two to three days I felt a remarkable level of energy. Not hyper or nervous energy. What I am experiencing is a remarkable feeling of well-being. I wake up alert in the morning. I have not changed my diet or anything else except for the addition of Moringa. I stir it into my morning cereal and yogurt and also take it in capsule form when I am on the go or don’t have anything to mix it with. I plan to continue as I love how I am feeling.

Pat Meier-Johnson:

I have been using moringa for about 4 years. I put moringa in my veggie/fruit tonic drink on an almost daily basis. I use is as a strengthener for my entire system. I used to be sick with a cold about every 3 months. It has been almost a year since I have had a cold. I noticed a few weeks after taking it I did have more energy and the recurrent colds have gone away. I have less scratchy or sore throats also.

Chrisse Harwanko

I upped my moringa this morning by a half a tsp. You know that I have had two different infections (sinus and bladder) these last two weeks and now they are both gone. Makes me wonder if it is the moringa doing its job. I have never gotten over an infection without resorting to antibiotics! Very interesting!