MORINGA: it may change your life

It's about maximizing wellness!

Moringa has astonishing properties.
Moringa: the most nutritious plant known to man!

Moringa's flowers, leaves, fruits, and stems can all be used. Here at Finca La Maya, Moringa is organically grown, selected by individual leaf quality, low-temperature dried, and entirely hand processed. Moringa's properties can maximize wellness for anyone. If taken on a regular basis Moringa can: enhance mental clarity, detox the body, strengthen your immune system, fight cancerous cells, slow the aging process, support weight loss, minimize inflammation, improve overall physical strength, enhance sexual desire and performance as well as many others.


Why in many countries Moringa is called "The Miracle Tree"

Global Impact

For decades Moringa has helped solve widespread starvation and malnutrition in marginalized areas. Around the world, Moringa serves many different purposes. It is used as fertilizer, dye, rope-making, plant disease prevention, as well as use of the trees as ornaments and many others.


When taken on a regular basis, Moringa can fight cancerous cells and alleviate diabetes.

Heart Malfunction

When taken regularly, Moringa can normalize and regulate cholesterol levels as well as help stabilize normal blood sugar levels. It can help maintain healthy heart function and improve blood circulation.

Energy and Mental Health

When taken in reguar doses, Moringa can improve mental clarity, fight depression and stress, alleviate hormonal imbalances, as well as improve immunity and sleep quality.